Letter from Paul Scott

April 20, 2010


As I have traveled the state during the past few months one thing has become increasingly clear – we need a new kind of leader to turn Michigan around. We cannot expect to see different results by recycling old politicians in new offices.

As your next Secretary of State, I promise to bring a fresh, conservative face to Michigan’s third highest office, and I have the credentials and background to lead Michigan into a new era. I have not been part of the problem in government for the decades. I am not simply seeking a new job because of being termed out. I am not the same old candidate in a different year.

Being young, conservative, Harvard-educated, and most importantly, a proven vote-getter in Southeast Michigan, I am the only Republican candidate who is positioned to beat the Democratic-endorsed candidate Jocelyn Benson.

As Secretary of State, I vow to tackle the serious issues facing Michigan, while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction in your local Secretary of State branch offices. Among my many priorities are:

  • Making our campaign finance system the most transparent in the country. I support “real-time” reporting for candidates. Transparency is vital to ensuring the integrity of our elections process, and I feel contributions and expenditures should be reported more than once a year;
  • Seeking to implement a “pay for performance” system aimed at promoting a pleasant, quick experience for all customers. The more time you wait, the less Secretary of State branch employees will earn;
  • Ensuring illegal aliens never receive the core American right to vote, and the opportunity to hold a Michigan driver’s licenses;
  • Continuing to explore consolidation opportunities with the 144 branch offices. Tax dollars must be spent more efficiently, without compromising the first-rate service Michigan citizens deserve.
  • Advocating the repeal of the Driver Responsibility Fee, which when enacted into law in 2003, turned into a $100 million tax increase on Michigan motorists.

I will remain true to my conservative values. I am a strong fiscal conservative and believe wealth and property is endowed in the people – not the government. I will stand up for our social values and fiercely defend your 10th amendment rights.

I hope to earn your support as Michigan’s next Secretary of State, and ask for your endorsement.


Paul Scott

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